Problem in downloading GUN/Linux binary libraries

Dear FLUKA experts,

Recently I am test the new version of FLUKA and Flair. In the downloading section some problem happend. For the GNU/Linux packages, the .rpm and .deb packages can be downloaded without problem. However, the .tgz packages, after clicking the downloading button, the size of the packages cannot be demonstrated and the download goes on without an ending and a volume of over 400 MB can be downloaded. As I think the size of the package should be somewhat around 200 MB. I think maybe there’s some problme.

Best regards,
Yu Xiao

Hi Yu Xiao,

thank you for reporting, we are investigating what can cause this issue. The .tgz package on the server is around 160 MB, just your browser automatically uncompressed it during the download to the size around 460 MB. There should be no problem during the installation.

Dear Horvathd,

I just checked and you are right, the .tgz file takes nearly 460 MB and just need to wait some more time for the downloading.