Problem in running simple input file

Hello to everybody
I am Using flair_2.3.0 on Ubuntu 21.04 with fluka2021.2-linux-gfor64bit-10.3-AA.tar.gz.
when I run a simple input file I faced with following error.
tarted 2021.12.16 13:37:17
/usr/bin/nohup: failed to run command ‘/usr/local/fluka/FLUPRO/flutil/rfluka’: No such file or directory
- Running: 21
Dir: /home/jamshid/Documents/22
Cmd: /usr/bin/nohup /usr/local/fluka/FLUPRO/flutil/rfluka -e /usr/local/fluka/flukahp -M 5 21

Error code: 127
can anybody help me to solve it.
Thank you

Dear Jamshid,

we only provide support for the FLUKA (and Flair) version released by CERN at
If you have a problem running your input with this version, please let us know.


Dear David
I download .deb version of fluka. it is working now.
thank you