Problem installing Flair 3.2

Hi everyone, after installing Flair 3.2 (using the deb files for ubuntu20.04 LTS) and then trying to run the program I got a “/flair/manual/html/_images/flair-logo.gif”: no such file or directory" error.

After trying many things (very basic ubuntu knowledge) I downloaded and extracted “flair-3.2-0.tgz”. Two things that caught my eye are:

  1. the folder is named flair-3.2 (uncertain if this is important for the installation process),
  2. the flair-logo.gif is in “flair-3.2/manual/images” and not in the one listed above.

Once I copied the folder to the folder with the already installed Flair and renamed it “/flair/manual/html/_images/” Flair 3.2 successfully run.

Was this a result of a mistake I made? or is there something else?

By the way, the links to download the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS files give a 404 error.

Thank you,

I confirm Dimitri’s observation and solution.
Placing the images directory manually on the required path makes flair start and run successfully.
However, there are more inconsistencies: the version from precompiled deb-files does not call the fluka- or flair manual pages from the user interface.
I suppose that this will be rectified in the coming days.

Sorry for that, there was a problem in the build process.

Please try to download again and re-install.
If you used the automatic installation via the repo re-install the new public repository key “flair.gpg” again as it shown in the download instructions