Problem with cb range in the plot AND gnuplot error

Hi experts,
Ive recently worked with Fluka,I am new:), I faced an error(Gnuplot errors or warning found) when I wanted to plot the USRBIN output. Beam is 200kev Photon. I update the software but still global command is “set format ‘%h’”.

beam-distance.flair (2.3 KB)
Plz let me which parts I have to change.

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Dear @dehghan8,

The error message is saying that you’re trying to plot in log scale a number <=0, which of course cannot be done.
Why is it so? I think it is a combination of two factors:
-first, your USRBIN is defined only for x>0 and y>0 while your geometry has cylindrical symmetry around x=0,y=0
-second, you’re running a very small number of low energy primaries, therefore no energy is deposited within your USRBIN, therefore you get zero which cannot be plot in log scale.

Dear Amirio thank you for your response.
I expand USRBIN from -1.0
Energy of power is reduced so I have to calculate energy end of the cylinder with 8kev x-ray Beam.
but I got this plot.

In reality I want to figure out how much I can reduce the height of the target and calculate the energy during the cylinder, Do I have to use other card for this purpose?

You are getting the first plot because you choose a plot in the x-y plane rather than on the x-z or y-z plane.

I strongly suggest you to have a look at these slides from the Fluka course, particularly the slides from 46 to 58 for plotting in the plot tab and the slides from 59 to 62 for plotting in the geometry tab.

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