Problem with geometry - Too many errors

test_noroofplug.inp (4.9 KB) test_roofplug.inp (6.0 KB)

Dear David,
Thanks for the reply.
Please find attached the inputs with the Biasing applied.

First input: - I get an error in Green window (all viewports, when viewing 3D), but I can’t locate the error.
Similar is the case with 2nd input with the ARB (created with Infinite planes). Please comment on the correctness of the roofplug (ARB) created - I have done it for the first time.

When Run, single cycle worked, still no penetration. But with 5 cylces/5spawns, it “Finished with errors”. Error in .err file shows: :Too many errors in geometry.

Kindly advise how to go ahead.
Raksha Rajput.

Dear Raksha,

in both cases the cause of the error message in the Geometry viewer is the undefined space outside the BLKBODY region. You can avoid it by increasing the thickess of this region until it covers the whole view port.

I found a geometry error in both cases: There is a problem with the 3rd zone of the region bound1. The body ExtA2 has to be subtracted.

Further more there is a geometry error with the roofplug. If you move the Magenta viewport to Z = 250, you see that the gaps (all 4) between the roof and the plug are not defined correctly, and they are overlapping with the VOID region. Fox the fox you need to intersect them with the body Out1.