Problems installing flair 3.3-0.3 in Fedora 39


I have installed ‘flair-3.3-0.2’ and ‘flair-geoviewer-3.3-0.2’ in Fedora 39 using ‘dnf install flair’ without any problems, but when I try to update to 3.3-0.3 version using the rpm files:
rpm -Fvh flair-3.3-0.3.noarch.rpm
I get the following error:
error: Failed dependencies:
flair = 3.3-0.2 is needed by (installed) flair-geoviewer-3.3-0.2.x86_64
Could you please help me on fixing this error?

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Dear @Xavier2019

unfortunately Fedora versions change very quickly so we cannot provide the binary for every one. The best way is that you rebuild the geoviewer rpm your self. It is very easy
look the post Error Installing FLAIR 3.3.0 on Fedora 38 - #5
You need the geoviewer.src.rpm and you build it with
rpmbuild --rebuild flair-geoviewer-X.XXX.src.rpm

you would need to have the python-devel and tk-devel libraries installed