Problems with creating of _72_sum.lis file

I want to obtain number of different channels of photonuclear reactions. For this I use the next file

mgdraw.f (10.2 KB)

and card

USERDUMP 100. 72. 0. 1.

The run consists 10 cycles. After ending of run there are created 10 _fort.72 files. But when I press Process button there are happened nothing. I mean that it doesn’t creates _72_sum.lis file. What is the problem ?

Could you please share you .flair file as well?

Actually there is no problem. Your mgdraw routine, previously provided on this forum to address your request, is printing on the unit 72 a custom event-by-event output in human readable format. What would you expect from Flair processing in this case? Evidently, Flair cannot do anything with such files, which are not a standard binary output from a built-in scoring card. It’s up to you analyzing the specific content.