Process a large number of files

Dear Expert,

I’m working with Flair and would like to use the loop function to process a large set of files. However, when I try to process all the files at once, my computer becomes unresponsive.

Is it possible to configure Flair to handle large file processing by iterating through them one at a time? Ideally, I’d like to introduce a specific wait time between processing each file.

Any guidance or advice you could provide on achieving this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


Hi @mohammed.fayiz
if by Processing you mean to run the simulations, this is already implemented and described in various forum threads.
You would need:

  1. to install the tsp taskspooler program on your linux machine,
  2. configure the number of slots equal to the CPU cores
  3. select the tsp queue from the RunTab
    for all the runs selected