Processing of residual nuclei outputs

Hi @vasilis

Are there any changes to the processing or plotting methods of residual nuclei outputs?

The processed output from the *fort.xx is now a *.dat file. In the plot window, FLAIR looks for *.rnc, which is not generated.

Previously, the same process used to generate tab, sum and .rnc files.

Cheers, Sunil

Hi @sunil there should be no change in the processing of RESNUCLEi. Could you send me the flair file to check (and input if required)

Hi @vasilis and @sunil,

I have a similar question, and David Horvath has kindly enlightened me to the “add” resnucl e plot option. When I try to plot my .dat file, my flair seems to stop working, and I need to kill it from the command line. I have attached working flair file here for testing.

practice_4_Th_geometry.flair (6.8 KB)

Thanks @sunil @rick for reporting
I’ve found the bug and it is fixed.
You can find the corrected version 3.0-3 in the usual location or better using the flair repository.