Processing results in a cluster

Dear FLUKA experts,

I am using a cluster in order to perform complex simulations.
In some cases, many detectors’ output files are generated. When I try to process them it takes a long time, because the processing is performed on the “main” computer which is not very strong.

Can the processing be done by the cluster? we have the slurm system.

Thank you in advance,
Hen Shukrun

Dear @rachel.hen.shukrun !

You can use your own script for this, or look at mine, for an example, maybe this will be helpful: FSEN4.

Using my harvest tool you just need to add bin directory for FLUKA, put all of your fort files in the autores directory (or choose another) and process the units. For example:

./ example.inp -trk 21 -yie 22

This will create lis files for the ‘usrtrack’ scorer on the unit 21 and one ‘usryield’ scorer on the unit 22.

Look for more info in the on GitHub page of the project for more details. Or you can ask me if some troubles occur.