Production threshold energy for particles in output file

Dear Fluka experts,
I am simulating a proton beam impinging on an air cavity in a box out of water.
I want to compare my results with a similar Geant4/Topas Simulation, therefore I would like to know the exact production threshold energy, where particles will be produced.
Could you perhaps tell me where I can find this information in the output file?
I have attached a sample output file. I would be very pleased to receive a reply.
example_output.out (147.2 KB)

Hallo Maike,
please note that this forum provides support for FLUKA as distributed by CERN from its FLUKA website, which is not what you have run.
The threshold information is indeed printed in the output file and can be easily filtered by opening it in Flair and looking at Particle Thresholds and EMF in the tree structure offered by Flair. This will display e.g.:

Cut-off kinetic energy for PROTON   transport:  1.000E-04 GeV


Ecut =  7.1100E-01 MeV,    Pcut =  2.0000E-01 MeV

with the second line meaning (711-511[e mass]) = 200 keV for electrons/positrons as well as 200 keV for photons (in your WATERPH region).
Concerning hadron production, there is no threshold for the reaction products, they get the energy predicted by the reaction model.
As for the reaction threshold, namely the projectile energy above which a nuclear reaction can take place, this depends on the projectile and material through the reaction cross section. The latter can be retrieved from the inelastic scattering length in the Material table of the output file, which however refers to beam particles at input energy and so just provides one value and not the full curve as a function of energy.
Hope it helps