Prompt gamma spatial resolution

Hello Fluka experts,

I want to record the prompt-gamma emissions (and if possible their energy) as a function of depth when a proton beam is incident on a water phantom. From what I am reading I have to use the USERDUMP and mgdraw. But since I am a beginner to Fluka this is not trivial to me. Is there material that I could read? I read the manual but I think is a bit complex for a novice user like me. Thank you in advance.

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Dear @Panos13,

Could you please tell us more about what you want to do, so that we could provide you with a better answer? What do you mean exactly with “record the prompt-gamma emissions”? Do you want a map of the interaction points, the fluence of gamma, do you want to do some post-processing on it, etc.?

Thank you @amario for your reply. Apologies, I was not very clear. I want to find the points in space where these prompt gammas are created (and also their energy). This way I can plot the prompt gammas versus the depth (where they are created). Does it make more sense now?

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Dear @Panos13,

No worries.
I think that in your case then it would make sense to use mgdraw. You can have a look at this thread: (p.n) reaction position-MGDRAW
where it was explained for a similar case. It could be a useful guideline.

Thank you @amario .

It looks relevant. I will have a look and try to implement that on my problem. If I don’t succeed I will get back to you.