Question about 150MeV electron in Aluminum CSDA range

Dear All,

As is known that 150MeV electron in Aluminium CSDA range is about 14.71cm. I want to calculate it by FLUKA.

To do this, I am turning off hadron elastic and inelastic reactions, turning off the MCS of primary and secondary charged hadrons, turning off FLUC and turning off production of secondary delta rays.

One of my questions is where to find the correct result.
I try to use USRBIN energy deposition coupled with BEAMPART to calculate 150MeV electron in Aluminium CSDA range. However, the result is only about 7.5cm and is not 14.71cm as I expected. Is it the plot range setting in FLAIR problem and could you please help to check my input file. I have attached my input file and flair file in the attachment.

Thanks in advance.

CSDA-range.flair (2.8 KB)
CSDA-range.inp (1.5 KB)

Most of this has nothing to do with electrons (but with hadrons and muons), except IONFLUCT that switches off ionization fluctuations for electrons too.
To your purpose, you should suppress in addition bremsstrahlung fluctuations, as already explained in this forum.
By scoring BEAMPART (or ELECTRON) fluence with USRBIN (no need to go through ENERGY deposition scoring coupled to AUXSCORE), you will get then the CSDA range.

Thanks for your reply.

I corrected my input file for electron CSDA range by suppressing bremsstrahlung fluctuations using EMFCUT card with sdum PROD-CUT and IONFLUCT card setting large threshold in Aluminum. However, the run stoppped with error message:
“Seed file not accepted: or corrupted or main seed not matching the requested one.”

According to manual, for production and transport cutoffs larger than 100 keV the FUDGEM parameter must be set = 1.0. Therefore, I think the problem is material settings of EMFCUT card, If I don’t set any material for EMFCUT card in what(4) and what(5), then the problem is running well and if setting material then the program crashed.

Could you please help to check my input file in the attachment and thanks in advance.

CSDA-range.flair (3.3 KB)
CSDA-range.inp (1.3 KB)

Your electrons cannot be transported with a EMFCUT threshold of 100 GeV (this should apply to photons only).
Here is a running.flair.


Dear @lzfneu1,

I’ve also noticed that you’re running an obsolete version of flair. You should install the latest version where several improvements and bug-fixes have been implemented. You can download the latest flair version from here.
Also, which version of fluka are you running? You might be running an obsolete one as well.

Thank you, I will update to the latest fluka and flair version and try again.