Question on USRBIN plot "Type"

Dear Flair experts,

I am wondering what is the 1D Trace-H and 1D Trace-V options for a USRBIN plot in flair (see image below). What do they do compared to the other plotting types? I was not able to locate this in the Flair manual.

Also, I would like to check my understanding on the 2D Projection type. Using the above image as an example, I plot the USRBIN as a 2D Projection, which gives a ZX colormap of the 1-bin in Y that I scored between 113 and 133 cm. My primary beam is at height Y = 123 cm.

Instead if I had scored N-bins in Y, the subsequent 2D Projection plot would be again a ZX colormap but now of the mean values (across the N-bins in Y), correct? I have run a few test cases to confirm, and this seems to be what is happening, but I would appreciate an expert opinion. :slight_smile:


Correct the current selection will give you a ZX colormap as you described, of equivalent dose in uSv/h for a beam of 72*6.24e12 primary particles per s. It is the only axis option selected since you have only 1-bin along Y. If you had more bins in the Y axis then the other two possibilities X & Y would have been highlighted to select.


  • 2D Projection will do a “projection” along the selected axis (Y in your case), since you have 1 bin the projection would be exactly the same value as the bins. If you had more than 1 bin in the Y-axis then the projection would have been the average value of the selected bins
  • 1D Projection will enable the X & Z axis. Selecting for example the Z axis it will do plot of the average X-Y value for each Z slice.
  • 1D Max similar to 1D projection it will enable the X & Z axis. Selecting the Z it will make a plot of the Maximum X-Y value for each Z slice
  • 1D Minminimum X-Y value
  • 1D Trace-H & 1D Trace-V trace of the horizontal and vertical of the maximum value. It will display the spatial X or Y position of the peak value for each Z slice as well the FWHM for each Z