Radioactive source definition

Dear Fluka users

I am doing simulations using the radioactive sources so already I could define other sources well except the radioisotopic neutron source. May I please ask how I can define this neutron source (say, 241Am-Be).

Again about the normalization. I understand that when dealing with radioactive sources, the results are expressed per decay. Say I am scoring dose (of which I understand it is expressed in GeV/decay), I just don’t understand how I should normalize this dose to the activity in Bq of the source, having in mind that Bq is equivalent to 1 decay per second.

I would appreciate any help about the normalization of the dose to the activity (Bq) of the source and dose equivalent (as expressed in pSv) to micro Sievert per hour.

Concerning the second part of your question, once you got a quantity per decay and, as you recalled, you know the source activity in decays per second, it’s straightforward to conclude that the multiplication of the two gives your quantity rate (i.e. quantity per second, e.g. pSv/s for dose equivalent, which I let you transform in uSv/h).
Note that the absorbed dose unit cannot be GeV, rather GeV/g.

As for radioactive neutron sources, these are not automatically available in FLUKA. You have to start the respective simulation directly from the expected neutron spectrum, which can be implemented through the source.f user routine. For your convenience, a dedicated package that can be fully configured via your input spectrum file has been made available.

Thank you. I appreciate the response.