RC = 136 with Cherenkov but not without


I have two sets of simulations: ones disregarding Cherenkov radiation and others regarding Cherenkov radiation.
For some reason, the simulations without Cherenkov run but the simulations with Cherenkov give me a RC=136 error.

The files are the same with the exception of the Cherenkov card (attached)…

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile: .

Kind Regards,
Duarte1fibra_cheren.inp (3.6 KB) 1fibra.inp (3.6 KB)

Dear Duarte,

thank you for reporting the issue!

The problem is related to the OPT-PROD, Type/SDUM = SENSITIV card.
To circumvent the bug, you need to the set the max sensitivity parameter by hand (Default = 1.0)

Furthermore, the 2nd parameter is not used, I assume you wanted to set the 3rd parameter.


Hello Dávid,
Thank you for your help. The problem is solved :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,