Read out of .bnn files

Dear Fluka experts,

I used USRBIN to score the energy deposition in regions (the lines in Flair as in attached figure). For this situation, although the .bnn file can be generated, the plot failed to be made as there’s no spatial bins in the USRBIN detector. As a result there will be no related .dat files generated. Will anyone please tell me how to read out the results in the bnn file?

Thanks and best regards,

Dear Xiao,

Could you, please, provide more information about how you’re plotting? What is the exact error message that you get (check the Output tab in Flair)? Have you selected the 1D projection option as required by region plots? Instead of the screen shot of the input file, could you provide the screen shot of the “Plot” tab in Flair? This way we can check that the plotting setting you’re using are correct.


Dear Anna,

I tried 1D projection, it works and the .dat file is gennerated!

Thanks and have a nice day!