Reading .dcm, RP.dcm, RD.dcm and RS.dcm

Dear Experts,
I have .dcm file of a patient along with its RP.dcm (machine specific parameters), RD.dcm(dose information) and RS.dcm(structure information).

Can I import and read all these files in FLUKA? Kindly advise me on how to do that.

Thanking you in advance.

Dear @ArghyaC,
I believe the easiest way is to use flair with its DICOM functionality. When you open new project in Flair look for DICOM tab:

When you are in this tab you can easily import all your DICOM files with “Add”.Full list should include CT, Structures, Plan and Dose:
I suspect that you plan to run simulation based on your DICOM files. Then I would summarize few steps you need to perform to prepare the Fluka input file. I suggest you to create first new input file from template eg. “Voxel”, and then create/update some input cards based on your DICOM files:
x From your CT you have to create voxel geometry -you will need .mat file translating HU to materials for your CT(1), then give your voxel file a name (no more than 6 letters)(2), create the file (3), and update your input file with it (4).

x Then go to your plan and update your input with it (“Create”)

x For your dose you should probably create scoring cards.

You can also export your dose to .bnn format here or open RTViewer when you can compare reference DICOM dose with your results.
x Structure set needs to be opened to calculate volumes of imported structures and then to obtain this information for DVHs in RTViewer.
I hope it will speed up your adventure of using DICOM in Fluka :smile: