Reference radionuclide and radioactive decay data

Dear all,
I read in a relatively old post of 2021 that the basic radionuclide decay data used in FLUKA are based on an ENDF release dated back to the 90s.
Is this still the situation at present ? Now that a variety of radionuclides seldom studied in the past are becoming of increasing interest in medical application, it would be important to have an update to the most recent results.
Thanks for any insight


Dear Mario,

The current data for decay products is extracted from NuDat (NNDC database - Decay Radiation Search) and has, through the years, been corrected for bugs/lacks that had been found by users and developers alike.

As you point out, no update has been made to it recently. An update using the most recent data available is something we are working on. However, in view of the current development of a new generation of the code, the whole physics database is being modernized to be fully compatible with the future codebase. This modernization stage is a prerequisite to the large-scale update that you are inquiring about.

In the meantime however, if you spot a discrepancy related to a decay of specific interest to you/your field, please let us know as it is something we can investigate and correct in the current version of the physics database,

Best regards