Relative Path in OPEN Card

I was trying to use the OPEN card to open a phase space file from the parent folder.

I am trying to use a #define card to define a phase space file to be opened with a relative path such as

#define PSfile …/phasespace.PS.

Then I try passing the file name with the relative path to the OPEN card with $PSfile.

From what I understand, the Fortran OPEN statement can handle relative paths but I keep getting errors like the following.

*** No match in sub expression evaluation, execution terminated ***

Abort called from EXPREV reason NO MATCH FOR CODEWORD Run stopped!

It doesn’t seem to be recognizing the relative path indicator.

Dear @Dirk.A.Bartkoski

thank you for the bug report. We have correct it in our development version. We intent to issue a minor release today, however this correction will not be included. It will be added in the following release.

In the mean time if you can provide us which fluka system version you are using we can send you the binary/object files correcting the issue.

Thank you. I am using fluka-4-3.4.x86.