Release of FLUKA 4-0.1

Dear FLUKA users,

A new minor release of the FLUKA code, FLUKA 4-0.1, has been issued and
can be downloaded from

Please find at the bottom of this message the list of included changes.

With our best regards,

The FLUKA developer team at CERN and collaborating institutes


  • Prevented USRBIN apportioned scoring of NET-CHRG, RES-NUCL, and annihilation
    at rest of positrons (all are point-like quantities).

  • Now stopping (instead of looping forever) for empty input file.

  • Fixed optical photon crash.

  • Fixed rare crash in rQMD leading to an index out of bounds error.

  • Fixed rare crash in rQMD leading to zero center-of-mass momentum.

  • Fixed index-out-of-bounds in usysuw.f and raised the maximum number of
    first-quantity bins to 5000.

  • Fixed bug in USRBIN scoring which resulted in zero by-region scoring when
    the upper limit of the region interval was not explicitly specified.

  • Fixed bug in SPOTTRAN: handling of transformation #2.

  • In the crystal tracking module, corrected a missing factor Z
    (projectile charge) when the electrostatic potential is calculated in
    the volume zone for ions.

  • When computing the electrostatic potential for a charged particle in a
    crystal volume zone, the contributions from the charge distribution of
    the four nearest crystal planes are now considered (instead of just
    the two nearest planes).

  • Lifted an excessively cautious abort in case nuclear cross-section was not
    initialized for new particle species resulting from ion fragmentation in the
    crystal channeling module.

  • Lifted condition which inhibited the dechanneling in case of volume captured
    particles in the crystal channeling module.