Residual Nuclei Data Unavailable?

Dear FLUKA experts,

I’m interested in scoring the activation of Xenon by neutron capture, particularly the capture of secondary neutrons induced by muons. I would like to score Xe-137, but it is not listed in the Available Cross Sections. Is there another way? I see there are neutron cross sections listed for Xe-136 in liquid phase— perhaps that can be useful.

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Hi Regan, Xe-137 production by neutron capture takes indeed place in Xe-136, so the relevant cross sections pertain to the latter and are actually available as you noticed. With FLUKA 4-3.0, you can now also exploit the alternative pointwise treatment.

Thank you, Francesco.

Now, having enabled LOW-PWXS, can I expect Xenon-137 to be counted in the standard way using ‘RESNUCLE’ ?



Yes, and this holds true either for the group-wise and point-wise low energy neutron treatment.
You may suffer from poor statistics, though, to be possibly overcome by biasing muon photonuclear interactions.

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