RESNUCLE Scoring using spacing increments

Hi Everyone,

I have a gamma beam impacting a cylindrical target of Ra 226. I am attempting to score the residual nuclei produced along the length of the target in 2 mm increments. Is it possible to tally these increments with RENUCLE and perhaps another scoring card?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Jason,

The answer is yes, you can score the residual nuclei along the length of your target with RESNUCLE card. In order to do that, you have to divide the target into smaller regions with 2 mm length so you can associate a RESNUCLE card to each of them.

You may also need: the RADDECAY card that activates radioactive decays and enhance decay radiation, IRRPROFI card that is used to define an irradiation profile for radioactive decay calculation, in case you want to include a cooling time(s) then you will have to add the DCYTIMES card to define the cooling time(s) with respect to the end of the irradiation and the DCYSCORE card that relates the scoring
detector with the decay times (with SDUM=RESNUCLEi). Please, check the manual to get a complete description on how to set them.

I hope this helps.

Hi Marta,

Thank you for the help!