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Is there a simple way to read out the half-lives for the nuclei that are reported using the RESNUCLEI scoring card? I am trying to make sure that the isomer states are correlated properly with other data that I am using. Thank you in advance for your help.

Dear @brittijm,

You can use the function TIM1O2 inside a user routine to get the half-life of a given isotope. At the end of this reply you can find some relevant header info.
You can use it for instance inside a usrrnc.f routine (13.2.31. usrrnc.f — FLUKA Manual), which will be called every time an isotope is stopped in your simulation. There you can implement any logic you like to write this info into an output file.

The body of such usrrnc routine could be something like:

Hope this helps.

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And the meaning of the different variables is the following: