RESNUCLEi output interpretation

Dear all,

I am using RESNUCLEi scoring in order to check the isotope production for several nuclear reactions.

In the beginning of the output file I see the following information:

 Tot. response (n/cmc/pr)  0.284164935       +/-   5.28646298E-02  %
 ( --> Nuclei/pr           0.494446993       +/-   5.28646298E-02  % )

where n/cmc/pr = nuclides/g/primary since the volume of the target is 1 cm3 and I normalized with the density of the target (in this case 1.74 g/cm3).

I assume that → Nuclei/pr refers to the value expressed in nuclides/cm3/primary.

In order to obtain the rates, I divided the values written in
**** Residual nuclei distribution **** **** (nuclei / cmc / pr) **** (which are also normalized)
by the total response.

Is this approach correct?

Best regards,

Dear Mihaela,

that’s only if your target volume is actually 1 cm3, as you said.

On the other hand, I’m not sure what you exactly mean with rates. Your procedure will give you the isotope yield per produced isotope, which is not per nuclear reaction, since one nuclear reaction can produce more (light) isotopes.