Resolution of USRBDX particle spectra

Dear Colleagues and FLUKA Experts

First of all I would like to thanks @Rohit Yadav for introducing this important topic and problem.

It is amazing that FLUKA can give results like this with peak energies and Intensities accuracy with this low order.
1- l have a question, is it possible and how to generate the results in Gaussian form, not in a summing form as now , this is needed to show the compare with the experimental measuring spectrum shown in the following figure.

2- ِAnother Inquiry regarding, the background of the resulting calculation its models and sequences… Where one can find detailed explanation to read and take it as a reference through publishing activities.
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Dear @mohammed.fayiz,

The spreading of the peaks is intrinsic in the experimental detection of the particles of interest, which come with its own resolution. To replicate such spectrum, your model should be as close as possible to the actual experimental set up.

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Dear Amario
Many thanks. Please where I find the calculation models, related to this topic, which applied by FLUKA?
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Sorry, which models are you referring too?

The USRBDX card can adjusted to give particle spectra and for photon too. This result of FLUKA are based on some models and mathematics and data base too. I would like to read about this and get familiar about the sequence of this in detail. Are there detailed writings on this?