Rhodium filter error

Dear Fluka experts,

I would like to simulate mammography unit and I stuck on rhodium filter. Previous steps went fine, until I add additional Rh layer. Now run immitadely generates error “Low energy neutron xsec not found for some media RHODIUM”.

Any idea what I did wrong? Is it any problem with material import from base?

Best regards

Dear Magdalena,

Generally for every user defined material (element) in FLUKA a low energy neutron cross section needs to be linked with the LOW-MAT card. If the name of the material matches one of the names in the FLUKA database, it is done automatically, and the LOW-MAT card is not necessary.

Unfortunately Rhodium is a special case in the sense that FLUKA doesn’t have low energy neutron cross section data for it.

Since you are simulating X-rays and you don’t have neutrons, the low energy neutron cross section is irrelevant. I would suggest to use a cross section of another element for rhodium to satisfy FLUKA.


Dear David,

Thank You for Your answer. I knew about LOW-MAT card, but I didn’t knew that i can try trick FLUKA like that. I’m gonna try it!

Best regards,

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