Rms bunch length

Dear fluka users and experts,
I want to simulate an electron beam (of an e-gun) of 300Mev,75pC and rms bunch length 350fs.How can i enter the bunch lenght parameter in fluka in order to produce bunches with this frequency?

Dear Artemis,
the main features implemented in the FLUKA code for the time dependent processes are mainly specific for the radioactive decay problems.
Can you please provide more details about physical processes you want to study.

Kind regards,

Dear Artemis,

you can set the starting time of the primary particle in a source user routine with the variable AGESTK (NPFLKA) or particle_age depending on which version of the routine are you using.

However by default the time related scoring of FLUKA is limited, you can use the TCQUENCH card to limit an USRBIN scoring up to a given time.

For any other case you will need to create your own scoring using other user routines, and manually check the actual time of the event (energy deposition, boundary crossing) which is stored in the trackr.inc common’s atrack variable.