Dear FLUKA experts,
I want to record the energy deposition in the geometry I created, but the result shows that there is no energy deposition.Create geometry and you can see the energy deposition on the plan view. However, the created geometry shows no energy in the plot.Please help me see if there is a problem with the geometry I created.
Proton-1.flair (4.4 KB)


Thank you for the question.

From your input file, I see that you are using six different USRBIN cards (scoring DOSE)
And do not see any issue in the definition after seeing the plot that you posted.

One tool I can give you to literally see if the USRBIN that you defined is the one that you wanted is the following:

  1. Go to Geometry tab

  2. Layer, < add > → USRBIN
    Screenshot from 2022-03-24 11-56-16

  3. In usrbin window use the From input option and choose the detector:

And there you can see your Detector.
In the plot that you showed you do not see any scoring out of the limits between -25cm, 25cm because that USRBIN is between those limits. I recommend you to redefine them just to score the regions of your interest.

I hope it can help you.