RTPlan can not be recognized

Hi everyone,I wanted to import the photon treatment plan into FLUKA and then simulate it with carbon ions. But now it is found that FLUKA cannot recognize the photonic plan of RTPlan. How can I solve this problem?

The original idea of RT Plan was to cover specifically RT Ion Plan type of files, which are dedicated to proton or carbon ion active scanning treatments.
Photons plans are described in different ways in DICOM RT Plan files, therefore I am not certain that flair is currently able to cover this kind of information.


Dear @xuchong
as @wkozlows said, flair RTPlan was initially created for hadronic plans. Later we added some support for photon-ones but is far from being complete.
Would you mind sharing (privately) with us the RTPlan and the necessary files to see what is failing and if we are able to fix it?

Of course I can. But how can I share in privately?

When I convert SMLC plan of photon to FLUKA’s RTPlan, It can’t generate DVH data in RTdose interface, and the running errors are as follows, Can you help me to solve it ?

Hi Wioletta,
Well, thanks for your reply!
Chong XU