Run Finished with Errors

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply.

I have now installed the mentioned fluka package. The message is coming: Congratulations all tests passed (see attached image).

Now, the previous output errors on starting up are not coming.

But, while running simulation, the software stucks a lot. Simulation run a bit, but then again the error: finished with errors comes (see images)

Kindly guide me.


Dear Saman,

could you upload the input file (sam.flair) you are trying to run?


Hi David

Kindly see the attached files. The simulations are running now with errors. sam.flair (1.1 KB)


Dear Saman,

your input file is knot running, because it is not complete. Please try to run the following example: example.inp (3.2 KB)


In particular, your geometry definition is patently wrong, from a conceptual point of view. You need first to study how a FLUKA geometry shall be defined.

HI David

Alright, thanks.

Yes, indeed.

Thanks alot.