Run stops without error in geometry

Hi experts,
I am facing running errors that complain about geometry errors in my model.
However, I had cleared all the geometry errors, as in the attached png file.
It would be great if someone would take a look at it and guide me on what went wrong with my model, and how do I make it run properly. I am new in FLUKA and don’t have much experience yet. Thanks for your help in advance.

Wall_9feet.flair (9.0 KB)

Hi Melike,

your region REG22 doesn’t contain any zones. Removing it (with the related ASSIGNMA card) fixes the issue.


Hi Daved,
Thanks. The model ran after I took care of REG22.
I am facing another problem after I added a roof and floor to my model (attached).
The model finishes okay when I test run it. But there was no data saved when I plotted the photon fluence. It was blank. How do I get rid off the problem? The model didn’t have any error, as you can find from the attached screenshot.

Tunnel_9feet.flair (10.6 KB)


Hi David,

I’ve solved my problem already. Please ignore my request.