Run with mgdraw.o and flukadpm in terminal

Dear FLUKA experts,

I prepared a FLUKA input file with mgdraw.f by using USERDUMP.
Also, I need to use flukadpm to include the special ion nuclear interactions.
How could I compile, link and run with these two files simultaneously in a terminal?

Best regards,

Dear Kevin,

you can compile and link your user routine with the command:

lfluka -d -o <executable_name> mgdraw.f

The -d option will link RQMD and DPMJET as well.

To run (5 cycles) from the terminal, you can use:

rfluka -N1 -M5 -e <executable_name> <input_file>

To see all the available options for these scripts, run

lfluka -h
rfluka -h


Dear David,

Thanks a lot!