Running an example with IRRPROFI

Greetings Experts!

I am just learning FLAIR and FLUKA and am beginning to try out sample problems. I have built a file I believe to be ready for running, consisting of a brick of rubidium with water in front of it, ready to be irradiated by a proton beam. When I start a run though, I receive the message “Finished with ERRORS” and the output lines

Started 2020.01.06 12:30:37
Dir: /home/rick/save_FLAIR
Cmd: /usr/bin/nohup /usr/local/fluka/bin/rfluka -M 5 practice_3_Rb_box
Error on submission: 11

Any idea where I have gone wrong with my file? I cannot upload the file to this post, so I have included it below. Thank you for your time!

* Set the defaults for precision simulations
DEFAULTS                                                              PRECISIO
* Define the beam characteristics
BEAM            20.0     -0.08      -1.7                 0.0          PROTON
* Define the beam position
BEAMPOS           0.        0.       -5.
GEOBEGIN                                                              COMBNAME
    0    0          
* Black body
SPH blkbody    0.0 0.0 0.0 100000.0
* Void sphere
SPH void       0.0 0.0 0.0 10000.0
* rubidium target
RPP target     -10. 10. -10. 10. 0. 10.
* vacuum front end
RPP vac        -11. 11. -11. 11. -5. 10.
* Black hole
BLKBODY      5 +blkbody -void
* Void around
VOID         5 +void -vac
* Target
TARGET       5 +target
trgtfrnt     5 +vac -target
* ..+....1....+....2....+....3....+....4....+....5....+....6....+....7..
ASSIGNMA       WATER  trgtfrnt
MATERIAL         37.               1.532                              RUBIDIUM
MAT-PROP                           363.0  RUBIDIUM
STERNHEI      6.4776    0.5737    3.7995   0.07261    3.4177      0.14RUBIDIUM
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------
IRRPROFI        300.     10000      300.        0.      300.     10000
RESNUCLE          3.      -31.                        TARGET        1.Rb_nucl
DCYTIMES          0.        0.        0.
USRBIN           10.    PROTON      -22.       11.       11.       11.nrgDep
USRBIN          -11.      -11.      -11.      100.      100.      100. &
* Set the random number seed-----------------------------------------
RANDOMIZ         1.0
* Set the number of primary histories to be simulated in the run
START          1000.

Dear @rick,

first of all, usually the .err and .log files usable error messages which points you to the solution.

Unfortunately, there are multiple issues in your input preventing the run.

For residual nuclei calculations you will need to enable additional processes. Mentioned in Note 4 of the manual page for the RESNUCLE card: see here
To enable them add the following cards to your input:

PHYSICS           1.                                                  COALESCE
PHYSICS           3.                                                  EVAPORAT

Since you have more than 150 MeV beam energy you need to use the executable linked with rQMD, called: flukadpm. You can find it the /bin folder of your FLUKA installation, and set it on the run tab in Flair.

Finally, you choose Rubidium as a material. Unfortunately, FLUKA doesn’t have the low-neutron cross-sections for it, and some other material. If you choose it by chance, just select another material. But, if you plan to simulate rubidium, that is a different question.

I hope this helps.


Hello @horvathd,

Thank you kindly for the information. I have modified the material to gold and dropped the energy down in addition to adding the suggested cards, but I am still receiving an error

Started 2020.01.06 17:10:57
Dir: /home/rick/save_FLAIR
Cmd: /usr/bin/nohup /home/rick/fluka2011-3.0/bin/rfluka -M 5 practice_3_Rb_box
Error on submission: 11

Also, you mentioned the executable flukadpm. I can locate this file manually, but cannot choose it from the drop down in the compile tab, nor can I set it in the Flair config>run dialogue. I imagine I am missing something on my end. Of note, I have only lfluka and lpdmqmd as choices in my compile tab.

Dear @rick,

you can select flukadpm on the Run tab in Flair. As shown in the picture below.

Also it is possible to create a new executable on the Compile tab, linking with ldpmqmd, and using that for the run.


Just a minor corollary to David’s excellent answer:

  • You can attach files to be uploaded along with your post or any reply
    using the upload button in the text box. See the screenshot below,
    expertly edited with my substandard Gimp skills:


  • Unless/until you have a good reason for using them, drop the MAT-PROP and
    STERNHEI cards.

  • You did not pass a RADDECAY card (to request simulation of radioactive decays),
    inadvertently impeding the IRRPROFI and DCYTIMES cards from really being
    active. Later on, you will most likely want to pass a DCYSCORE card to associate
    various scorings to various decay times.

  • Note that with the USRBIN card you set up, you are requesting to score
    proton fluence, and not energy deposition, as was maybe your intention
    given the label “nrgDep”.


Greetings @horvathd and @cesc,

Thank you kindly for the information and pointers! I am now able to run the example without issue.