Running Corsika program using Fluka as low energy interaction

Has anyone used Corsika ? While running it I am getting the following error

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Dear @anupama.pathak did you set the FLUKADATA environment variable as it explained in the corsika manual?

Hello @vasilis , thank you for your quick response! Yes I did set the variable as explained in the Corsika installation

Hi @anupama.pathak I’ve just made a test with the new version of corsika and I cannot get the error you are reporting.

Please note that the FLUKADATA variable should point to the data subdirectory of FLUKA where all data libraries are located.

Also check that the fluka data files are located in this directory
and are readable by your account

Hello! Thank you again for your reply. I will check for the same.

The installation says “Do not forget to define $FLUPRO
(installation path) to use FLUKA”
I have defined FLUPRO accordingly, still I am getting this error

My gfortran version is 9.4, so I have downloaded gfortran 9, 64 bits (.tgz) binary lib

This is how I have set the path of FLUPRO and FLUKADATA
and this is the path where src,bin, lib,examples,include of Fluka are located in my system /home/anupama/Downloads/fluka-4-3.1.x86-Linux-gfor9/fluka4-3.1

Dear @anupama.pathak

FLUPRO is not needed anymore and FLUKADATA is missing the /data as suffix

export FLUKADATA=/home/anupama/…/fluka4-3.1/data

As it is written in the corsika manual page 23 you can set it as

export FLUKADATA=$(fluka-config --data)

Hello @vasilis! Thank you very much for your help. Now there are no errors in running the file.
Since I am new at using Corsika , I have trouble in plotting graph of the example input files using Coast. As I can’t see anything related to it when I run coconut. In the userguide it says there are options related to it in ./coconut also there is no option for using root. we can get rootout by typing ./coconut -e , but it supports root version < = 5
I basically want to know how to read an output file and how to get a plot on corsika.
I would really appreciate if you can guide, since I cant find anyone who can help and also there is no forum for asking Corsika related questions.

Thank you!

I am glad that you succeeded in running it.
Unfortunately we can not (at least me) help much on the corsika plotting problem, since I am not a corsika user.

Please note that this is not the appropriate forum to post a question that is not FLUKA related.

If you have any other FLUKA related question you are welcome to a open a new post.


Sure! Thank you very much for the your help @vasilis