Running error in a basic example

Dear FLUKA experts
Recently I am trying to use FLUKA to calculate the pdd curve of carbon ion and FLUKA always works well on my computer, but suddenly the running process is forbidden without any change of computer environment(it did enter the running process but broken later)I don’t know why this happen so i append inp&error file here.Would you mind help me find the cause of this error?Thanks a lot for your kind help.

pddtest.inp (1.1 KB)
pddtest001.err (936 Bytes)
pddtest001.log (941 Bytes)
pddtest001.out (53.2 KB)

Dear Richard,

Thanks for your post.

I was unfortunately not able to reproduce your crash.

The backtrace you kindly provide in the pddtest001.log file points to a position in the code where FLUKA databases are read. The crash itself is not when opening the database files, but inside the reading loop. This may suggest something is off in your system/installation.

As a first check: could you make sure that the files under the data/ subdirectory of your FLUKA installation were not corrupted? You may want to unpack them anew.

Also, i note you are running version 4-2.0, which is behind the latest release available from the download page. You may want to update.

With kind regards,


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Thanks a lot for your kind help! I reinstall FLUKA then it works well now. Really appreciate your suggestions.