Running error input

hello dear expert, I am carrying out this simulation in order to study the impact of boron and gadolinium in the dose deposition in neutron capture therapy. both input files were designed in the same way. but to my great surprise the one with gadolinium does not work. please help me find out what went wrong with my file
dose neutron thermique Gado.inp (2.3 KB)
dose neutron thermique boron.inp (2.3 KB)

Dear @bakodeo,

If you look in the .out file you can see that the error is due to the fact that the neutron cross sections are not found for Gadolinium. This is because you changed the name of the material from GADOLINI to GADOl.

If you change the name to the default one (GADOLINI) your simulation will run.


Thank you very much. It’s resolved

I would strongly recommend to use the Point Wise neutron treatment for this calculation, which is more accurate than using Group wise.
To activate it you just need one card LOW-PWXS, and not problems with names, LOW-MAT etc…

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