Running FLUKA on Cluster

Dear FLUKA experts,
I’m running FLUKA on our cluster and I wanted to utilized the “spawn” option present in FLAIR. That is, run many cycles with one cycle/CPU.

So I wrote the Following slurm script “” to do this. I ran the code with one of the examples that came with the code “example.inp”
BUT this only prints output files for one cycle even after creating the temporal directories just after the simulation is lunched. (see screenshots and zip folder)
Please kindly advice. (1.4 MB)



Dear Zavier,

the issue is that all your jobs run the same

rfluka -M 1 example.inp

command. Thus, overwriting the results. The solution is to create input files with unique names or run them in separate directories.

Also, it is important to change the random number seed for each input file, to get meaningful statistical errors.


Dear David,

Thank you for the response. I created about 6 different input files with unique seeds,

rad the simulation that got outputs.

But how can I process/visualize them? I tried loading them from flair BUT only those for a single cylce seem to open.

I then tried adding manually but wouldn’t see the files

I’ve attached a zip file containing the output of just two inputs due to uploading size limitations (2.9 MB)

please advise.


Dear Zavier,

please, have a look at this post explaining how to use FLUKA’s post-processing tools from the command line:


Hello David,

Thank you for the response.

I found the following codes in the manual and the post you refenced.

usrsuw.f: to read out the RESNUCLEi output
usysuw.f: to read out the USRYIELD output
usxsuw.f: Baoundary Crossing Fluence
usbsuw.f: binning Estimator
ustsuw.f: to analyze USRTRACK binary output

But what about the DETECT card? (__fort.17)?

I’m simulating energy deposition events recorded by this DETECT card and so far, I’m unable find a way to process the results in the command line (see photo)


Please advise.


Dear Zavier,

to sum the result of a DETECT scoring, you can use the detsuw.f program.