Running Multiple Cycles via Command Line, Problem with Seeds

Dear Fluka experts,

I’m trying to run multiple cycles of the same simulation; I have done this using Flair in many occasion, the problem is that, since I have to run them remotely, I need to use the command line.

Following the instruction on the website, I used the command (for example)

rfluka -M 10 -e ./myfluka actual1-1-1.inp

The problem is that all the cycles yield the same results, as if the same seed was used for all of them… Am I making a stupid mistake here?

In the attached file you can find the input card, in case it could be relevant.
actual1-1-1.inp (8.8 KB)

Dear @emilio,

Without the RANDOMIZe card, the state of the random number generator is kept between cycles,
but it is reset to the default one.