Runtime error when the energy changes

Dear experts,

I changed the energy of the source in the simulation.
When the energy is 200 and 250 MeV, it can operate normally.
XZY2022.9.23PT200.flair (3.9 KB)
XZY2022.9.23PT200.inp (4.1 KB)
XZY2022.9.14PT.flair (4.0 KB)
XZY2022.9.14PT.inp (4.1 KB)
But when it gets to 300 MeV, error occurred at runtime.
300XZY2022.9.23PT.flair (3.6 KB)
300XZY2022.9.23PT.inp (4.1 KB)
When I changed the source energy of the simulation in the other direction to 300MeV, it worked fine.
XZZ2022.9.23PT300.flair (3.9 KB)
XZZ2022.9.23PT300.inp (4.1 KB)
What is the cause of the error? How should it be solved?

Dear @Junjie_Zhang,
I think the problem is due to the fact that you’re using a BOX body, which is deprecated. I suggest you to replace it with an RPP and then rotate it using a ROT-DEFI card and then the $start_transform instruction.