Sampling from energy spectra does not work

Dear FLUKA expert,
I followed the instructions in the post, and successfully converted the flukadpm-spec and flukahp-spec files.
When I try to run a flair project with flukadpm-spec or flukahp-spec as Exe in the run tab and click Start, the Progress Status becomes Finished with Errors.
The .out file gives “executable returned RC=255” and the .log-File in the additional simulation folder gives “ERROR: cannot load Spec05”.

I tried different file paths in the source.f and specsample.cpp files but I only receive the same kind of error.

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 and gfortran 11.4.0

Do you have any recommendations to solve this problem?
Thank you in advance.


Dear @m.klink,

Which Fluka version are you using?

Dear amario,

I am using FLUKA 4-3.3 with FLAIR 3.2-4.5

Kind regards

Hello @m.klink,

did you try to run the example input that was provided?

I just ran the package with the same FLUKA & FLAIR versions and did not encounter any issues.

Please remember that the data file for the spectrum must be located in the same directory from where you start your input. By default FLUKA creates a temporary sub-directory with the process ID (e.g. fluka_32434) where it will execute the run, but the package will search for the defined spectrum in the directory above, which is the one where your input is located.

Best regards

Dear @ctheis,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I found the mistake. I edited one of the files which prevented the script from running.

Kind regards