Scoring different type of particles and their energies

Hello Fluka experts,
I am targeting 45 GeV electrons on a copper target and on the other side I want to score all the particle types produced and their energies as well.
I don’t know which card is suitable for scoring this, which would differentiate between types of particle and their energies as well.
It is like it should detect which particle it is and what is its energy spectrum.
Moreover I tried to use detect card to get an overall spectrum but it gives me no result as follows:

Later On i tried to use usrtrack card where I selected different particles one by one. For electrons and photons it gives me spectrum but for other particles e.g. neutron it gives following error.

Dear @anum.asif,

If you are just interested in the spectrum, I would suggest you to use a USRBDX card (Please, have a look at the online manual and at the two scoring lectures from the last beginners’ course), issuing one card per each type of particles you’re interested in.

As per the error message you received, it is an error message by gnuplot, it is complaining that you are trying to plot on a log scale something that has value zero.

Dear @amario, Thank you for reply.
Actually I am using usrtrack card which calculates particle energy spectrum in the region defined. I am getting results for photons and electrons but for neutrons and all other particle types it gives the gnu plot error that it has empty y range.
I need to know the reason behind it. Do I need to use some physics or transport cards to simulate the results for other particles?

You need a PHOTONUC card with SDUM = ELECTNUC.