Scoring energy deposition due to electrons and photons separately

I have a geometry as attached in the file.
In this geometry a radionuclide is confined in B and it emits photons and electrons.
I want to score energy deposited in each of regions A, B and C due to electrons and photons “entering in each region” separately. Please guide me.

Technically there are several ways to achieve what you want, but in reality it might be a bit tricky.

One easy way is to use the USRBIN by region card to score energy deposition for all regions, and one for each type. Then you add an AUXSCORE cards to filter the contribution for each scoring, like the following

I mentioned tricky, because in reality all energy it will be deposited by EM interactions (photons and binding energy/mass). Depending the cuts you have the split might change. Does it make sense to split it between these two components or you want to have it above a certain threshold?

Thanks for your reply. I want to score energy for the spectrum of photons generated in a media and entering other, no cut-off defined from my side. This is for a case in which charge particle equilibrium does not exist in heterogeneous media especially for photons due to different compositions extending to sub millimeter or smaller scales in different regions. I thought of auxscore but had doubt because for photons also, ultimately electrons are going to deposit energy as you pointed out.