Scoring particular nuclear reaction

Dear all,

I am simulating a geometry where I am interested in number of particular nuclear reactions per primary neutron. For an example, a beam of N neutron falls upon a ball of water - what is the number of H(n,γ)D reactions?

My questions are:

  • Is RESNUCLEi appropriate card to collect this information?
  • When I include RESNUCLEi card, I get error 12 on execution, that it cannot create random numbers file. Do I need to recompile FLUKA to get this running? What libs should be included?
  • RESNUCLEi does not filter as a function of a particular nuclear reaction. Depending on the neutron energy, the resulting D yield could contain also the contribution of neutron reactions on O. However, the latter is null below 10 MeV.
    In general, such a filtering would require an advanced user to implement a suitable logic in the USDRAW entry of the mgdraw_empty.f user routine, where the identity of the target nucleus - together with the reaction products - is available through the variables IBTAR (mass number) and ICHTAR (atomic number) in (to be INCLUDEd in mgdraw_empty.f).
    Remember to activate the low energy neutron point-wise treatment by adding an empty LOW-PWXS card.

  • Error 12 does not mean much. You should look at the content of .log, .err and 001.out files (possibly left in the fluka_# temporary directory).

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Dear @ceruttif ,

thank you for you reply. Great point regarding O reactions producing deuterium: I’m updating to 4.3.1, will adjust mgdraw_empty.f and recompile to capture specific channel. Also, thanks for LOWPWXS card, did not used that.