Scoring using usrbin

Dear Fluka experts,
I am trying to calculate the TVL value of a tungsten alloy. I have a simple geometry with 6 MeV electron source hitting on a tungsten target. In front of this there is a tungsten alloy block. I need to score particle/ x-ray flux using usrbin card. But I am unable to see any plot in my geometry in plot section of flair. I can see usrtrack results in plot section of flair. waiting for your kind response.
Best Regards
WAlloy_Collimator.flair (2.5 KB)

I am getting results for 1D projection. I am unable to see colour mapping on 3D geometry.

This is because you have asked for only 1 bin in both X and Y. Increase NX and NY and you will get 2D and 1D projections.

@sunil Thanks a lot for correction.