Script times out - no obvious error

Hi everyone,

I’ve made a script which is timing out on me and I am not sure why this is the case. I checked te output, error and log files. There is nothing obviously uncanny. If any insight can be provided, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve attached my input and flair files for reference.

Kind regards,

Be_copperbacking_10MeV.flair (3.2 KB) Be_copperbacking_10MeV.inp (3.2 KB)

Dear Dalini,

I can run your input without any issues.

However, I noticed that the flair project is created with an old version of Flair. Please update Flair to the latest version from:

and try again. If you still have the time-out issue, please let us know.


Hi David,

Thanks for your prompt help/reply again - the support you all provide is invaluable. This was certainly the error. And I brought this to the attention of my institution’s cluster management and they’re responsible for updating Flair/Fluka. Have a good weekend!