Search window for the FLUKA Manual

To David Horvath

I have not been able to search for words/strings in the ONLINE manual. For example, how does one locate #define . I would like to be able to search on my iPhone as well as my PC.

Actually, I was able to find #define using my laptop by searching the ASCII version of the FLUKA-2020 manual.

Was #define explained in the earlier manuals?

Ralph (aka Walter)

Dear Ralph,

The #define card is described in Section 6.1.

You can search the manual at, by clicking the Blue button left to the Previous link.

Unfortunately, it only searches in the section names, so the #define card won’t show up. However you can find it by searching the term: preprocessor.

Other option is to use the help window in Flair. You can open it with the F1 key. Here you can even search the text of the FLUKA and Flair manual.