Segmentation fault error while running flair

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Hi Chris,

I am also encountering the segmentation fault error, while clicking the geometry tab in flair. I came across this solution and subsequently, I downloaded and replaced the ‘’ file in viewer sub-directory. But after issuing make command, I get a number of errors (screenshot attached). I am running Ubuntu 20.04 in VM. Is there any specific package that I need to install?

Thanking you

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Hi Kapil,

actually the patch that I posted is not compatible anymore with the last release of FLAIR where a lot of things have changed (and improved) under the hood.
In any case in version >= 3.1-3 my patch is fully integrated already.

A few things to check/try:

  • Which version of FLAIR did you use?

  • When you define your virtual machine, how many virtual cores do you allow it to use. In general I would suggest to use the maximum number you can.

  • Try to build the geoeditor with the following command make THREAD=no and try to relaunch FLAIR’s geoeditor. Does it still crash?


Hi Chris,

Building the geoeditor with make THREAD=no worked and the geometry editor is not crashing anymore.

I am using the latest version of Flair (flair-3.1-3).

Thanks a lot for the help.

Best wishes