Simulate the PET imaging process

I want to simulate the PET imaging process and use the MLEM algorithm built in FLUKA to get the reconstructed image, but I can’t find where this function is. I tried to create a PET geometry with the PET module, but no corresponding detector has been created. Please tell me what I should do, thank you in advance.

Dear @akimikko,

Thank you for your question! Please find here a paper and a presentation describing the FLUKA PET tool.

To generate a PET geometry, you have to find the PET Tool tab (varies depending on the FLAIR version you are using) and press create. Then you should be able to see the geometry of the PET ring (usually in the xy plane).

Don’t hesitate to share any input file that you already have to serve as basis for our discussion.

Let me know if there are any other questions I might help with.


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Dear @akimikko
for the moment flair can generate the geometry of the PET scanner as @dprelipc explained and import the CT/RTDOSE/… files.
However the scoring, sinogram generation and reconstruction tools are not distributed yet.

Dear @dprelipc ,
Thank you for your answer, I have generated the PET geometric figure, but I do not know how to simulate the PET imaging process, I want to get the reconstructed PET image, I saw in the overview that FLUKA has a built-in image reconstruction algorithm (MLEM), but I cannot find this function in the software, could you help me?thank you.
This is my input file:
c12.flair (69.4 KB)

Dear @vasilis
Thank you for your kind answer, but I saw in this overview that Fluka has a built-in reconstruction image algorithm (MLEM), where can I find it, or is this feature not available right now

Dear @akimikko these features are not available for the moment.