Simulation crash when proton beam energy above threshold

Hello Everyone,

I am determining cross sections by simulating 10-100 MeV protons impacting a SiC target. These simulations run fine without any issues. However, when I increase the energy of the proton beam to greater than 100 MeV, I get the following error

I have tried a number of changes including adding an ionsplit card into the input even though I have heard this is bad practice, but still no change.

1.4GeV_p_SiC.inp (3.0 KB)
1.4GeV_p_SiC001.err (280 Bytes)
1.4GeV_p_SiC001.log (10.1 KB)
1.4GeV_p_SiC001.out (25.9 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


At this energy range you need the RQMD model, so run with the flukadpm but not fluka executable.

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